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Photography Policy

Who is allowed to take pictures on the farm?

Everyone can take pictures on the farm! However, portrait photographers MUST be approved and scheduled in advance. Portrait photography includes family, maternity, engagement, portfolio, graduation, prom, and any other posed portraiture of individuals by professional/non-professional photographers either paid or unpaid. Lazy Hound Farm's reserves the right to further define portrait photography on a case-by-case basis.

Photography Reservation Request

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. Please note: we prefer the photographer to fill out the form.


Once we receive your reservation request, we will contact you to confirm your date and invoice via Square to collect payment. Payment MUST be made in advance to reserve your session. Reservations are approved and accepted seasonally, and depend on our scheduled farm events or private events. We DO NOT allow photographers to enter the farm without scheduling a session prior. 

General Photography Rules

These rules apply to all individuals taking pictures whether its on your phone, camera, or with a professional photographer.

Please follow all farm rules. Photographers must move if asked by any staff and may be asked to restrict activities to certain places or times.

Lazy Hound Farms assumes no responsibility for personal injury or loss, theft, or damage to equipment or other property. 


No glitter, confetti, rose petals, or anything of that matter is allowed to be "tossed in the air" while on the farm.


Removing/damaging plants or moving structures on the farm is strictly prohibited. 


All photo subjects must be fully and appropriately clothed. 


Photographers will be held accountable for their actions and those of clients, crew members, and subjects if they damage any of Lazy Hound Farms' property. 

Lastly, we LOVE seeing all your photos taken on our farm! Please tag us in any photos posted on social media. 

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