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About Us

     Hi! Thank you for your interest in what we do here at Lazy Hound Farms. We started the farm around 7 years ago growing corn to grind grits and corn meal. Seth and I both grew up in farming and raising animals. Seth grew up in the Knightdale area and worked on his uncles farm throughout high school. After that, he served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. When he came back all he wanted to do was get back on a tractor and have his own farm.

     I'm from middle Tennessee and grew up on a small farm with horses, goats and chickens. When Seth and I met we always talked about having our own farm/homestead, but it always seemed far away. Fast forward through our first corn crop, a perfect farm wedding, a piece of land to call our own, lots of ups and downs, two wonderful children and some lazy hounds...we are finally able to make the dream come true!

      We've changed the way we farm a lot over the years, from growing corn and beans, to cutting hay and raising cows. Now we're on to a new adventure we hope everyone in the community can come enjoy! We also hope we can provide an opportunity for local businesses to come and sell their products when we open our storefront. So, if you have a food truck, sell produce or any kind of homemade goods, give us a shout! We'd love to have you come out!   

     We love and enjoy our farm so much and hope you and your family do also! 

                                                See you soon!



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